Amavida Cares

Amavida introduces “Amavida Cares,” a Program Inspiring Sustainable Changes in the Senior Living Community.

Amavida, Quadrum Global’s new luxury, resort-style independent living, assisted living and memory care community in Fort Myers, announced the launch of Amavida Cares, a sustainability program designed to spark eco-conscious changes in Senior Living and serve as a home base for green-minded residents. Amavida Cares encourages residents, locals and partners to embrace a more earth-ethical way of living, and is launching with an educational speaker series, resident programming, community outreach opportunities, documentary screenings, and more.

Sustainability at Amavida

“Going green” is a new initiative in senior living and Amavida is leading the way. From eliminating single-use plastics to employing green technology for heating and cooling, Amavida is taking efforts a step further to engage residents and help them feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Connected to Nature

Amavida’s commitment to the environment is evident in the design of the community. All cottages and apartments at Amavida have views of the community’s 32-acre setting. Amavida believes that providing residents this opportunity for deep connections to nature can improve their quality of life and mental health. The community was specially designed to be built around the wetlands, preserving as much of the surrounding natural resources as possible.

Protecting the Environment Runs in the Family

Amavida is the first senior living community developed by Quadrum Global, a real estate investment group focused on developing opportunities in real estate worldwide.

In addition to developing and investing in world class real estate since 2005, Quadrum Global has a deep-rooted care for the environment, and has vowed to incorporate nature in or around all future developments, while striving to preserve and protect the natural environment.

Protecting Fort Myers and the Gulf Coast of Florida

Quadrum takes extreme care in the development of properties to make sure they are enhancing the ecospheres in which they operate. That’s true in the development of Amavida in Fort Myers.

Quadrum has pledged to incorporate nature inside or outside of all future developments, so not only will Arlo properties have Arlo Cares programming consistent throughout the brand but will actually begin housing and developing eco-friendly environments and green spaces.

Amavida uses energy efficient light bulbs and lighting throughout the community.

Amavida offers a variety of green programming options, connecting residents with nature. Residents can participate in gardening, planting trees, and more.

Amavida is committed to eco-friendly transportation. The community offers ride-share transportation seven days/week to variety of local attractions, shopping centers, medical centers and spiritual services.

For the convenience of our residents there are multiple trash rooms located on every floor of the community. Each trash room provides receptacles for both traditional waste and recyclable waste such as plastic and paper. The recycled waste is provided separately to our waste management provider each week. Landscaping refuse from the property is handled separately and also provided, as a separate load, to the waste management provider.

Amavida resident Gloria Watkins leads a furniture recycling initiative at the community. When moving into the community, Gloria donated furniture and other items she no longer needed. At that time, an Amavida staff member noticed that other residents were placing all kinds of gently used furniture and home accessories they no longer had room for by the trash. Wanting to find a new home for these items instead of just throwing them out, he asked Watkins to spearhead the recycling effort.

Gloria contacted Hearts and Homes for Veterans, a Fort Myers nonprofit that provides transitional and permanent housing and other support for local veterans who are homeless or need assistance. She thought that the furniture that Amavida residents no longer need could help furnish the residences Hearts and Homes offers to veterans.

Gloria put information about her project and the Hearts and Homes organization in the Amavida newsletter, along with her phone number for residents interested in donating items. Her phone started to ring.

Gloria now has a space at Amavida affectionately dubbed “Gloria’s Closet,” where she stores the donated items until Hearts and Homes can pick them up.