5 Positive Aspects of Aging

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As we age, it’s easy to concentrate on the aspects of growing old that bother us. We might fixate on the changes in our appearance or groan about aches and pains we feel getting up in the morning. We might worry about our health or our income during retirement. And while there are many aspects of aging that are not glamorous or exciting, there are several positive aspects of aging that we might overlook.

Heather Battey, Executive Director at amavida, a senior living community in Fort Myers, Florida, says, “The journey of life is a celebration, not a conveyor belt of physical decline. When we view aging as a worthwhile phase of our lives, we can begin to think about the benefits that come with getting older. After all, if we pay attention, there’s always something to be thankful for.”

5 Reasons to Embrace Aging

It’s true that age might bring many worries or problems relating to our health, financial security and even our daily way of life. Yet, it’s easier to take these issues in stride when we recognize the benefits that also come with growing old. They may not be obvious to everyone, but the following aspects of aging can encourage you to embrace where you are in life, and where you are going.

  1. Your Priorities Align – Throughout our lives, we’ve often been tempted to compare ourselves to others. As young people, we might have worried about our looks or our number of friends. Growing up, we might have watched others get married, buy houses, have children and get promotions, all while we wait for our turn. Comparing ourselves to others leads to envy and jealousy, discontentment and ingratitude for what we have. As we get older and older, we stop comparing our lives to those around us and begin to fully appreciate what we have. Our priorities align themselves to the parts of life that are most important, such as relationships and purpose, and we experience less of the envy and frustration of unnecessary comparisons.
  2. You Can Be a Grandparent – Perhaps the favorite milestone for older adults is becoming a grandparent. You get to experience the wonder and joy of having children again – but without the ultimate responsibility! You get to watch your grandchildren grow and be their friends and role models in the process. Whether you live close to your grandchildren and can see them frequently or visits are a special occasion, you get to fill a priceless role in their lives. As many say, grandkids are our reward for raising our own children!
  3. You Gain More Confidence – With each passing year, you gain more and more experience in how to live well. The years of experience you’ve gathered turns into confidence when it comes to making decisions, approaching challenges, making friends or overcoming obstacles. By the time we reach our senior years, we have a wealth of experience to guide us, and we can confidently face whatever life brings our way.
  4. You Become Wiser – In addition to confidence, experience gives you more wisdom about life, relationships, going through hardships and so much more. Chances are, older adults spend less time worrying and racking their brains about what to do, and simply weigh the situation, evaluate their options and make decisions on the best course of action. It’s not that seniors magically become all-knowing and wise. It’s that we’ve had years upon years of practice.
  5. You Get to Grow Old – The truth is that not everyone gets the chance to live to old age. Some people pass away while they are young due to health reasons or accidents. If you find yourself feeling disgruntled about aging, remind yourself that every day is a gift. You have been given time, and it’s important to make the most of it. You’ll find that when you view aging this way, you’ll start to notice the positive aspects more than the bad.

Get the Most Out of Aging

“Another positive aspect of aging to add to this list is the possibility for carefree living,” says Battey. “Once you reach retirement age, your lifestyle options expand to include life-enriching community settings like senior living at amavida. Here, seniors can cast many of their worries aside and allow our community to take care of the day-to-day hassles that become more tedious as you age.”

Moving to a senior living community like amavida gives seniors the chance to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle that eliminates chores and the time-consuming hassles of homeownership, replacing them with free time to enjoy life and dozens of amenities and services to boost your way of living. While some might call this kind of lifestyle a perk of getting older, we think it’s how every senior deserves to live!

If you would like to learn more about the lifestyle options available at amavida or hear more about happy and healthy aging, reach out to our team members today or explore more topics in our online blog.

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