Five Keys to Happy Retirement Living

Five Keys to Happy Retirement Living

When many seniors daydream about retirement, they picture a senior living community where they can spend their time doing exactly as they please, whenever they want – and why shouldn’t they? After all, they’ve worked hard their entire lives for everything they have, now it should be time to focus on themselves and spend their time and energy on the things they truly enjoy and what brings them happiness.

While this may seem simple in theory, there’s actually more to happy retirement living than one would think. “While what seniors would like in retirement can vary, there are usually a few elements that withstand the test of time,” says Heather Battey, Executive Director at amavida, a senior living community in Fort Myers, Florida. “To put it simply, they don’t want to worry about menial household tasks like housekeeping and maintenance, cooking or laundry. Instead, they want to try new things, relax, socialize or spend time enjoying their hobbies. Fortunately, most senior living communities allow for the lifestyle that seniors desire.”

Your dream of retirement living that you enjoy can be achieved. To live the happy retirement lifestyle you desire and deserve, keep the following five keys in mind:

1. Not all retirement communities are created equal.
When it comes time to look for a retirement community, seniors should ensure they are choosing the one that is best for them. There are plenty of senior living communities available, all varying in their lifestyle and programming opportunities, which can sometimes cause the search to be a little stressful. Tour a wide range of retirement communities and weigh out their pros and cons, make sure they have programming and activities that meet your interests and ensure they offer the future care options that you prefer.

2. Health and wellness can increase happiness.
To remain as independent as possible and truly enjoy your retirement community, it is a good idea to either take up an exercise routine or continue enhancing your health and wellness. Choose a retirement community that offers an array of fitness classes and programs, as well as an on-site fitness center. To assist with healthy eating habits, many also provide dieticians and healthy dining options.

3. Remain close to friends and family.
Friends and family are always welcome to visit at senior living communities. Consider having family members over for dinner, set up a weekly game night, ask grandchildren to come participate in programs or enjoy a movie night. Getting everyone involved and spending quality time with them can often increase happiness and improve your mood.

4. Never stop learning.
Because of all their newly found free time, seniors often want to continue learning. Within their new senior living community, seniors can often find a multitude of new hobbies, classes and programs that are available. Try to get out of your comfort zone and try something brand new or spend time perfecting that hobby you’ve let go over the years. Most times, happiness can increase when we try new things and explore something out of our comfort zone and retirement living provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

5. Get involved and socialize.
Happiness is shown to increase when people make new friends, socialize and even spend time with old friends. This is likely because isolation and too much time with little social interaction can cause depression and anxiety, unfortunately, this often comes with retirement because seniors are no longer working. However, it is possible to beat the retirement blues. It can help to volunteer, get involved within your new retirement community or to begin teaching a class about something you are passionate about.

Retirement living can greatly enhance the happiness of seniors. In order to experience our senior living community and all we offer for yourself, contact the team at amavida. We would be happy to help you discover the lifestyle that meets your needs and provides the optimal retirement living you’ve always dreamed of. Call us today at 877.969.0712.

Why Wait to Live Your Best Life?
With all the advantages of moving to a senior living community, why wait to enjoy them? When it’s financially possible, retirement living takes away the stress and worries of retirement living and replaces them with life-enriching benefits to your health and happiness. If this is the kind of lifestyle you aspire to, don’t put it off until you’re no longer healthy enough to fully enjoy it.

If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to make the move now, reach out to the amavida team. We’d be happy to discuss your options and share our expertise on choosing the right retirement community for you and transitioning to a senior living lifestyle. Call us today to learn more!

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