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Memory Care at amavida

If you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia, you understand better than anyone the effects of memory loss. You also understand the specialized care and attention that those living with memory loss need and deserve.

So do we.

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Purposeful Design for Purposeful Living

At amavida, we think it’s time that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia be addressed with a positive, personalized attitude and provide care, support and understanding that meet each individual where they are on this journey.

With this deep respect and knowledge, we developed our own approach to Memory Care – Moments.

Moments is our signature Memory Care program that encourages us all to live in the moment!

Offered in The Meadows, our Memory Care residence on the campus of amavida in Fort Myers, Moments delivers the care, dignity and enjoyable lifestyle you want for your loved one.


A Positive and Personalized Approach to Memory Care (PPAC)

Moments is based on the Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) and the Person-Centered Approach® (PCA) that emphasizes each individual’s abilities and supports and respects personal choice. By focusing on the positive aspects of each resident’s life, we “stay in the moment,” seeing what is beautiful, and still available, for each person with whom we share time.

A Step Further

Moments takes the essentials of PAC and PCA and builds upon them, elevating Memory Care to new heights of dignity, personalization and joy. We get to know our residents. We respect them as the people they are. We build trust and form bonds. We interact positively, promoting and supporting their abilities. We focus on what they can do, what makes them happy, what makes them smile. Right here. Right now. In this very moment.

A Specialized Memory Care Team

Our Designated Care Specialists (DCS) are certified in PAC and PCA. Our team participates in monthly classes and regular training. We are engaged, hands-on and committed to our residents. We stay up to date on new techniques, breakthroughs and leading-edge therapies. We also encourage our DCS to do their own studies, find what works with their own residents, and share insights with the team.

Meeting Residents Where They Are

While Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may have predictable paths, we know that no two residents are at the same place in their journey. Every individual has unique needs, personal preferences and abilities. We respect and honor them all.

Moments starts by creating a detailed history and review of the new resident. This essential information guides our DCS teams in developing personalized Memory Care plans for each resident. These plans outline the most appropriate support for the resident while promoting his or her independence and appreciating choices. We build interpersonal relationships and learn each person’s likes, dislikes, habits, needs, etc., so we can provide the loving care, dignified support, personal choice and joyful lifestyle our residents deserve.

Each DCS is fully involved in the daily living of your loved one, providing a sense of comfort, familiarity and sanctuary. From delivering care to sharing meals and enjoying special moments during the day, a DCS is there, by your loved one’s side, at all times.

Be a Family Again

The exceptional Memory Care offered through Moments at amavida frees you from the worries and burdens of caregiving. We give you peace of mind while providing your loved one with the care and lifestyle they deserve. We free you all to be a family again, enjoying moments together, free from responsibility and filled with joy. If a loved one needs Alzheimer’s care, dementia care or another type of Memory Care, call today to schedule a visit.


Purposeful Design for Purposeful Living

Designed specifically for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, The Meadows is more than a beautiful Memory Care residence. It’s purposefully and thoughtfully designed to promote the independence of our residents and to provide comfort and security.

Calming. Welcoming. Secure. Our Moments Memory Care neighborhood creates a feeling of home for our residents. With consistent teams and predictable routines, our residents enjoy safety and familiarity.

Our Memory Care apartments have been purposefully designed to meet the needs of those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia and memory loss. Each suite provides comfort, dignity and privacy. *No Large Entrance Fees! Call for pricing and to schedule your tour at 239-237-0501.

The Bermuda
402 sq. ft.
The Bermuda Floor Plan