Top Amenities to Look for When Choosing an Independent Living Community

Choosing an Independent Living Community

For many seniors in search of the ideal independent living lifestyle, they’re looking for a community that does more than meet their basic needs. They’ve worked hard their whole lives, and now they’re ready to enjoy the best parts it – without the hassles of homeownership or upkeep. They’re ready for a senior living lifestyle marked by comfort and convenience, not to mention elements of choice, elegance and luxury.

“At amavida, we’ve designed what we believe our residents will consider the ideal in independent senior living,” says Heather Battey, Executive Director at amavida, a senior living community located in Fort Myers, Florida. “For us, exemplary community living requires distinctive amenities that allow residents to explore, grow and continue pursuing the parts of life they love the most. Our community features resort-style amenities and services that don’t just meet residents’ needs – they exceed their expectations.”

Top Independent Living Amenities to Consider

When considering the features of any independent living community, seniors should take into account the purpose of each element and how it will enhance their quality of life. Most amenities at senior living communities focus on the core aspects of well-being: physical health, social life, emotional wellness, spiritual life, intellect and creativity.

While the options are nearly unlimited, the following list describes a few of the top amenities seniors are looking for at today’s independent living communities:

  1. Housing Choices – Senior living communities can differ greatly in their physical appearance and design. Some accommodate all residents in just one building with apartments and common spaces under one roof, while others utilize a campus setting or resort style. Different communities offer different choices for where residents can live. Some prefer a spacious apartment just down the hall from friends and gathering spaces. Others enjoy the privacy of a small home in a neighborhood setting.

    Today’s seniors are choosing independent living not because they have to, but because they want to. They desire choices and options that match their personalities and preferences. Many communities are answering the call by providing varieties of floor plan options as well as various living options, such as separate cottages or neighborhoods designed for different lifestyles.

  2. Multiple Dining Venues – While a single cafeteria or dining room may generally satisfy most residents during mealtimes, it’s also nice to have options other than a sit-down, restaurant-style meal. Especially for busy seniors, a café or deli-style marketplace offers convenience for meals on the go. Others may like to switch it up and enjoy a cup of coffee away from the breakfast rush. Multiple dining venues allow for more choices to meet individual preferences, even those decided on a whim.
  3. A Place to Get Pampered – Let’s never underestimate the luxury of an on-site spa, or even the convenience of an on-site barber shop and beauty salon. While these amenities may seem unnecessary for those who enjoy their regular hairdresser or don’t mind the drive downtown, others come to appreciate the ease and simplicity of stopping by the salon on their way to dinner or right after a dip in the pool. Additionally, when muscles start to ache from an intense workout or from sleeping poorly, it’s easy to book a short massage right on campus. With these amenities catering only to residents of the community, they can easily book appointments and quickly make personal connections with the staff.
  4. Health & Wellness Facilities – Physical exercise is a vital part of any healthy senior lifestyle, and the best independent living communities will offer plenty of opportunities to stay fit. Fitness centers, swimming pools, group exercise classes and personal trainers are all excellent amenities for seniors to take advantage of to enhance their physical health. Some communities also include walking trails and putting greens, tennis courts and more on their grounds for those who enjoy exercising outdoors.
  5. Creative Spaces – For many, retirement is an exciting opportunity to take up a beloved hobby full-time or finally learn a new skill. The top independent living communities include spaces where artistic recreation, craftsmanship and other creative passions can thrive. Art studios and classes, workshops, and on-site theaters not only allow residents to pursue their own creativity, but help to connect them to other masters in the field.
  6. Entertainment – Consider whether the communities you visit include opportunities for entertainment, or if you’ll be responsible for making your own fun. Many communities include a movie theater or billiards or game room, and most incorporate recreational programs for residents to experience new things. Many activities programmers bring in talented professionals into the community to lead cooking classes, host a comedy night, perform concerts and more.
  7. Social Space – Communities should have plenty of common spaces available where residents can come together and share life. Bars and lounges, pubs and even outdoor patios are perfect amenities for accommodating groups of friends for informal gatherings. Consider whether a community not only offers comfortable spaces to enjoy the company of friends but creates opportunities to meet new people and foster an active social life.
  8. Continued Growth – Many seniors entering retirement look forward to the opportunities they’ll have to learn new things or stay current in their field. Leading independent living communities often include amenities such as a library or internet café, in which residents can actively pursue new knowledge or learn new things. Many communities also have close connections to nearby colleges, some of which may offer continuing education or lifelong learning classes for seniors.

Find the Independent Living Lifestyle That Fits You

Independent living communities may offer attractive amenities for their residents, but it’s important to consider how these features will benefit you directly. Consider how you plan to spend your time once you move, and choose from the communities with the amenities available to help you reach your goals. Stay true to your personal interests and wishes, and you’re sure to find the community to enhance your own way of life.

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Offering independent living, assisted living and memory care, as well as an onsite physician-staffed wellness clinic, residents live with calm confidence, knowing that if healthcare needs change, support is available right at home.

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