A Day in the Life: Senior Living at amavida

A Day in the Life: Senior Living at amavida

If you’ve heard about amavida, you’re sure to have learned about our unconventional approach to senior living. We aren’t content to satisfy the status quo of retirement communities. Instead, we go beyond what’s expected and offer seniors an exuberant place to call home. How? We were hoping you would ask…

amavida takes resort-style senior living to the next level,” says Heather Battey, Executive Director at the Fort Myers, Florida community. “Offering all the luxurious amenities of a five-star resort, all the services of a continuing care retirement community, but none of the expensive binding contracts or buy-ins, seniors can experience the lifestyle of their dreams while maintaining the reality of their budgets.”

Offering seniors so much more than financial simplicity, amavida’s senior living lifestyle opens doors to daily relaxation, passion and growth that should never fade with age. Imagine a day in the life as one of our residents and discover what amavida living is all about.

A Day in the Life

Morning – You wake up on a beautiful Floridian Tuesday in your Independent Living cottage (or perhaps you’d prefer an apartment – the choice is yours!). You haven’t made any plans for the day, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of things to do. As you get ready, you realize it’s been a while since your last haircut, so you turn on your Smart TV, open the app for amavida’s salon and schedule an appointment for the afternoon.

Next, you head to one of the dining venues for a continental breakfast and end up drinking coffee with a friend. She tells you about the live band playing during Happy Hour this evening, so you plan to meet up later to enjoy the music.

You decide you could use some exercise, so you change and walk over to the Fitness Center. Inside, there’s an array of state-of-the-art equipment and professional trainers to work with residents and help them meet their personal fitness goals. A group tai chi class starts in a half-hour, which will be the perfect cool-down after some low-impact cardio on the treadmill.

Before lunch, you grab the book your friend lent you for this month’s book club and find a shady spot outside to enjoy the next few chapters.

Afternoon – Your daughter stops by for lunch, so you take her to your favorite dining venue on campus, loved for its seasonal menu options and locally sourced ingredients. Paying for a guest meal is effortless with your resident fob that’s used for building access and point-of-sales throughout the community.

Feeling refreshed by the food and company, you see your daughter off with plans to visit on the weekend and walk over to the creative arts studio to keep working on the painting you started last week. There, you catch up with more friends and admire each other’s work. Someone suggests some music, so you turn on the radio and listen to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra tunes while you paint.

After a quick trip to the salon for your haircut, you decide what to do before meeting up with your friend from this morning. You consider your options: there’s a bocce ball game you could join; an informational meeting about joining the hospitality committee; card games over at the Clubhouse; a lecture on positive psychology by a local university professor. On such a gorgeous day, you decide to put on your swimsuit and enjoy the outdoor pool before getting ready for Happy Hour.

Evening – You change into one of your favorite outfits and meet your friend at the bar for Happy Hour. You enjoy a cocktail and, listening to the local band play, run into your next-door neighbors, who also know your friend from volunteering together at the public library. You all decide to go to dinner together. You share stories about traveling and family vacations over a delicious Greek pasta dish and chocolate mousse for dessert.

It’s Movie Night, so you and your friend decide to catch the screening of Singing in the Rain and rank Gene Kelly movies from best to worst while you wait for the film to start.

Afterwards, you head back to your cottage to relax. You brew yourself a cup of tea and finish another chapter of your book before turning in for the night.

Write Your Own Senior Living Story

This is just one of possibility for a vibrant day at amavida. The beauty of our community is that you have every opportunity to write your own story however you want! We have countless programs, amenities and clubs to meet your interest or inspire your creativity, and transportation and connections to plenty of Fort Myers attractions off campus. It’s all available to you, every day.

amavida allows seniors to truly enjoy each and every day of their retirement life by providing worry-free living,” says Battey. “Chores and maintenance are taken care of for you, and our continuum of Assisted Living and Memory Care, as well as our onsite Wellness Clinic, ensures each resident has access to services if they ever need them in the future.”

We invite you to continue imagining your perfect retirement life taking place at amavida. Reach out to our senior living team today to learn more about our lifestyle of possibilities.

Keep moving forward. Call us today at 239-895-9191 to learn more about the community that’s changing the status quo of senior living.